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Primordial Home

Ancient Builders   

Ancient builders left remains of their advanced ancient technology in the ruins of places such as Baalbek Lebanon, the Great Pyramids or Sacsayhuaman in the Peruvian highlands.Are these places aligned on a world energy grid built with advanced ancient technology used by the ancient builders?Mega tonne stone blocks quarried,hauled and fitted together with razor sharp precision. How could the ancient builders have done this with only primitive tools?

Advanced Ancient Technology 

Is it possible that ancient builders may have had advanced ancient technology to generate and use electricity?The Antikythera mechanism which has been called the first known analog computer a mystery artifact of advanced ancient technology from ancient builders.Is it conceivable the ancient builders could have had the power of flight as has been theorized regarding the Saqqara Bird of Egypt?Were stone obelisks used as antennae for a world energy grid?Why are there obelisks found in so many important places?Are they still marking paths of leylines on the world energy grid even today?What if the  mystery artifacts point to highly advanced ancient technology possessed by ancient builders?

Mystery Artifacts

Mystery artifacts such as a bowl with early sumerian cunieform found in Peru?Or giant stone spheres in Costa Rica?A finely ground optical lense from ancient Iraq?Who were the ancient builders of these mystery artifacts?Did they have advanced ancient technology to make these mystery artifacts with?

World Energy Grid

A world energy grid of leylines and tellurian forces coursing through the earth and sea.Perhaps well known by the antediluvians or ancient builders who left curious henge stones and other megaliths which dot the landscape here and there across the continents.Did they have some advanced ancient technology to accomplish these megalithic feats?Or might they be components to a world energy grid that our ancestors tapped to power their advanced ancient technology?


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5 Responses to Primordial Home

  1. Al Barrs

    I believe the antediluvian world had a level of technology at least equivalent to or more advanced than our technological knowledge and skill today. Modern Humans today do not yet know how to duplicate the monolithic monuments around the world and we don’t know what they were used for. If one believe in the Great Flood they must believe that there was an antediluvian world, a world of giant humans and modern humans before the Flood that destroyed most of life and technology. The sudden explosion of technological capability in Sumer following the Flood is evidence that Noah or whatever his name was, brought valuable technical knowledge from his family’s highly technically advanced antediluvian world. That is the only way a sudden burst of technological advancement could have occurred, plus for example the early hybrid food plants and hybrid animals could not have been developed so soon after the Great Flood. It take hundreds if not thousands of years to hybridize plants and animals, yet there they were shortly after the Flood. These hybrids were, I believe, “food” plants and animals, and that they were the animals Noah took aboard the Ark. Some giants too survived the Flood, since we see evidence around the world and particularly in the Americas that strongly suggests there were giants in the Americas in those days following the Great Flood. Essentially we also see the quality of technology declining after the Great Flood when one would expect it to be advancing…it didn’t. But that too is explainable if Modern Humans failed to use the technology Noah gave them over generations…use it or loose it! Al e-mail:

    • Hammer

      How right you are Al! there is an enormous wealth of archeaological evidence which has been found across the globe of an advanced antediluvian society. If you haven’t read Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods” I highly recommend it, I think you would like it.Also the “Hiram Key” by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas talks a bit about the hybridization of plants and animals in immediate post flood era.Then there is Steve Quayle’s “Genesis 6 Giants” an in depth look at Giants from an earlier time. I could go on but for now I’ll just say thanks for reading and never stop searching for the truth!


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    Thank you ,Kathie

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  4. Harvey Ravitch

    Please explain Piri Reiss map?

    UFO in Madonna painting Kosovo

    What is in side of sphinx!

    How Egyptians embombed people with tools available at time?

    How Mayans knew calendar, other Astrological Events?

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